Feb 29,2024

What does the $56 billion restaurant takeout tableware market demand from pulp molding?

The booming online food ordering market is eagerly awaited by the plant fiber molding industry, and has made the major giants grasp the layout, and companies are investing more to enter this market through product innovation and technological innovation.

  After several years of rapid development of China's takeaway market, the takeaway industry chain has gradually improved, and the food and beverage takeaway market has gradually matured. iiMedia Research (iMedia Consulting) data show that the scale of China's takeaway users in 2018 increased by 17.4% compared with 2017, reaching 358 million people, and the scale of the takeaway market in 2018 exceeded the 240 billion yuan mark, and its market development has entered a Stable growth period. the overall market scale will exceed 280 billion yuan in 2019.

  And according to the data of China Takeaway Industry Development Report released by Meituan Research Institute in June 2020, the scale of China's catering takeaway industry in 2019 is 653.6 billion yuan, which is close to another online data.

  ◆ iiMedia Research (AiMedia Consulting) data show that the proportion of users who order takeout once a day or more in first- and second-tier cities is 54.3%, and the proportion of users in third- and fourth-tier cities is 26.6%. Analysts from AiMedia Consulting believe that with the relative increase in disposable income of middle and low-income groups, the takeaway consumption habits of residents in third- and fourth-tier cities will be strengthened in the future.

  ◆ According to public data: the total number of orders of the three major takeaway platforms is more than 20 million orders; research by environmental organizations found that each single takeaway consumes an average of 3.27 disposable plastic packing boxes/cups, and by 2020, according to CCTV financial newspaper's relevant data report, in 2020, the overall order volume of the national takeaway will reach 17.12 billion orders, and the transaction scale of the national takeaway market will reach 835.2 billion yuan. The total number of takeaway orders will reach 17.12 billion in 2020, and the transaction scale of the national takeaway market will reach 835.2 billion yuan, requiring 56 billion disposable lunch boxes.

  ◆ Hungry's research shows that takeaway users have higher requirements for meal quality, and that packaging quality is positively correlated with the repurchase rate of meals.

  The above information comes from different sources, but all of them show that catering takeaway packaging is a huge market that already exists and is growing rapidly. So the catering takeaway market, what is the demand for packaging, plant fiber molding industry designers in the product planning, design, need to pay attention to what points? The following three principles of food and beverage takeaway packaging design work for your reference.

  Principle one: good takeaway packaging needs to meet the basic packaging needs.

  Need to have these characteristics:

  1, in line with the characteristics of food

  For example, buns, dumplings, etc. need to be breathable box, otherwise it is likely to be stained on the box, the customer in the clip, it is easy to tear off the skin, leak the filling.

  Spicy hot, soup needs to be sealed tight box, if the packaging is not strict, resulting in leakage, extremely affect the customer's consumer experience, not only may bring bad reviews, but also cause the loss of users.

  Barbecue packaging has always been a difficult problem, especially in the colder weather, once the packaging is negligent, the temperature of the barbecue as well as the taste will have a great impact, once the string is cold, bad reviews will come. Secondly, the string of sign long, conventional lunch box is difficult to meet the integrity of the packaging.

  Merchants can take the tinfoil type of packaging to ensure heat preservation. Or you can choose the barrel, because of its own relatively sealed, and then add the lid, insulation function greatly improved, but also solved the problem of the sign.

       2、Conform to the temperature characteristics

  Both heat retention and coolness need to be considered, treating different individual products, different materials as well as sealing, and sometimes even using different methods. For example, with the product that is not easy to dissipate heat, to heat the product that dissipates heat quickly.

  3, in line with the means of processing

  Takeaway spelling efficiency, any part of the packaging process to reduce the processing efficiency will greatly reduce your profitability, such as like a multi-compartment lunch box. You can only take orders after the order can be sequentially boxed and packaged for distribution, is not suitable for this kind of non-scheduled on-site orders packaged for distribution, the efficiency is greatly reduced, easy to make mistakes.

  Like now this meal separation of packaging, you can take orders before the work of the box to do a good job, take orders directly after the packing and distribution, greatly increasing the speed of meals.

  4, in line with the packing means

  Most of the takeaways use plastic bags instead of paper bags. Because paper bags can not be stacked and put, so that the store yardage space is greater, improve space efficiency. The delivery boy's box can also put more, improving the human efficiency of the delivery man. In the context of the national ban on plastic, many traditional packaging will be out of the market, and new entrants should also consider these factors.

  5, in line with the convenience of consumption

  For example, later upgraded small bowl of vegetables, customers can not only eat more than two kinds of entrees per meal, the rice is separated, in line with the requirements of the user to eat at the desktop, the paper sleeve can be torn open as a table mat, easy to use and increase the experience.

  6, in line with the convenience of transportation and pleasant appearance

  Choose the right size and shape of the box, in the kitchen when listing and arranging the meal box, can improve the store ping efficiency; delivery, due to the limited volume of the takeaway delivery box, should maximize the use of this delivery box, as much as possible to put a few meals in.

  And delivery, takeaway boy on the road, rush to go and stop, it is easy to make the meal side leakage, so the sealing must be good. There are many brands that use lunch boxes that have a waist seal design to ensure that the meals do not leak sideways in the transportation process at the same time, to enhance the aesthetics.


       Principle 2: Enhance the user experience within the cost budget.

  However, the cost of packaging must match the unit price. If the businessman to go cost-effective route, packaging should be simple, practical, do not draw a snake to add supporting too many cartons, waist seal and other decorative than functional things.

  Reason one is that the cost is too high, reducing the gross profit of the store, the customer to consume the biggest reason is not packaging but rushed to the pricing of cheap to come.

  Reason two is because the low unit price store belongs to the high-frequency consumer goods, too complicated packaging to create too much garbage, resulting in a psychological burden on consumers.

  If the business belongs to the ultra-high unit price category, such as casserole congee, crayfish, meat and crab pot, the pricing of these a basic single product are more than 90 yuan.

  The average paid customer unit price of 90 yuan or more takeaway, itself a single gross profit can reach more than 40 yuan, only to raise the cost of packaging 2 ~ 3 yuan, can greatly improve the user experience and high consumer satisfaction. It has a strong positive impact on the store's brand image and repurchase rate as well as promotion and communication.

  On the contrary, uninspired packaging will make it difficult for consumers to recall again and be easily replaced by competing merchants, with more losses than gains.


       Principle three: do not over-packaging, do not increase the burden of consumption of users

  Packaging is excessive, everyone has a perception, is there a specific standard judgment?

  The key to look at the functionality. As long as the user is useful, useful things, can enhance the user experience of the packaging, it does not belong to excessive packaging. If the material is only to highlight the brand attributes, adding superfluous action, generating too much garbage and causing psychological burden on consumers, the packaging is excessive.

  In fact, more than whether it looks good or not, customers are most concerned about the taste and food safety. More than whether there is compulsion, customers care most about whether the function is sound or not.


  For takeaway stores, packaging is only one aspect of the promotion of single volume, the main thing is to focus on the dishes themselves. If the taste of the dishes in place, coupled with moderate packaging, then the store's evaluation of the single volume will naturally increase.