Nov 09,2023

Common Structures of Environmentally Friendly Paper Holders

As a widely used new type of packaging, eco-friendly paper pallets have various types to choose from in terms of technology, color, structure, etc., which can meet the application needs of different enterprises. Which environmentally friendly paper clip has some common structures?

Paper clip without edge structure:

The edge refers to the structural component between the outermost edge of the structure and the sidewall of the structure on the surface of the paper support model parallel to the working surface of the formed template. Edge size refers to the width value of structural components. In a borderless paper mold structure, the actual minimum edge size is less than 2mm. There is no buffering effect of edges, mainly for selecting and processing from an overall perspective. The side walls of the surrounding structure can be inclined or perpendicular to the direction of the load, and can be adjusted through this angle to achieve the required cushioning effect!

Paper clip with small edge structure:

In the small edge paper holder structure, the edge size is usually 8-15mm. The force and buffering effect of small edge structures in the edge direction is related to the length and deformation space of the edge, and they are mostly used for fixation and buffering under load-bearing conditions, suitable for packaging goods with light weight application conditions!

Flip Structure Tray:

In the folded edge structure of the paper tray, the edge structure extends outward and forms an outward flipped skirt, forming a relatively complete outer wall in the appearance of the environmentally friendly paper tray structure. Usually, in order to ensure the accuracy of packaging and fixing dimensions by making the packaged product in contact with the roll paper side of the paper holder, and to expose the flat roll paper side on the outer surface, a flipped structure is the most ideal!

Heavy duty structural paper clip:

The paper tray with heavy-duty structure is mainly used to carry loads. This paper supported mold structure can obtain the load-bearing capacity and required overall stiffness of the structure by increasing the thickness of the mold body or by increasing the density of the arrangement of the side edges of the mold body. Heavy structured paper pallets are not just packaging and collective packaging for heavy products in transportation packaging!

Paper clip with cavity structure and combination structure;

Using composite molds to produce and process paper trays with cavity structures. The paper holder is structurally a closed cavity or a small container formed into an opening. Paper trays with cavity structures require special forming equipment and processes to complete their production and processing. This paper holder is mostly used as a container or decoration!